Public Administration

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Q: Communication runs faster in:

(a) :  Centralized structure
(b) :  Decentralized structure
(c) :  Matrix structure
(d) :  Line structure
(e) :  none
Answer:  Centralized structure

Q: The organization is the act of designing administrative structure. It requires:

(a) :  The determination of what activities are necessary.
(b) :  No engineering approach to achieve goal.
(c) :  Staff for managing it.
(d) :  The allocation of functions and responsibilities to individual.
(e) :  none
Answer:  The allocation of functions and responsibilities to individual.

Q: The appropriate managerial behavior in a given situation depends on a wide variety of elements is:

(a) :  Classical Approach
(b) :  Quantitative Approach
(c) :  Behavioral Approach
(d) :  Contingency Approach
(e) :  none
Answer:  Contingency Approach

Q: Co-ordination is the removal of conflicts from the organization by:

(a) :  Securing co-operation and team work
(b) :  Securing organizational goals
(c) :  Securing harmonious organization
(d) :  Removing overlapping and working cross purposes.
(e) :  none
Answer:  Securing co-operation and team work

Q: In the Maslovv's hierarchy of needs, the middle level needs have been categorized as:

(a) :  Self fulfillment needs
(b) :  Survival needs
(c) :  Security needs
(d) :  Egoistic needs
(e) :  none
Answer:  none

Q: Public Personnel Management in Pakistan is based on the principle of:

(a) :  Spoils
(b) :  Patronage
(c) :  Merit
(d) :  Give and take
(e) :  none
Answer:  Merit

Q: One of the following is not the function of the Cabinet Division of the Federal Government:

(a) :  Preparation of the agenda for Cabinet meeting.
(b) :  Recording Ihe decisions of (he Cabinet.
(c) :  Follow up 'of the implementation of Cabinet decisions.
(d) :  Provision of staff to Cabinet members.
(e) :  none
Answer:  Follow up 'of the implementation of Cabinet decisions.

Q: Bureaucracy is based on:

(a) :  Traditional Authority
(b) :  Personal Authority
(c) :  Charismatic Authority
(d) :  Corporate Authority
(e) :  none
Answer:  Traditional Authority

Q: The civil services of Pakistan have become a caste by themselves involving public criticism such as:

(a) :  They are legacies of British colonial rule
(b) :  They have lowered the quality of national life.
(c) :  They have breeded corruption and inefficiencies.
(d) :  They have become professionally incompetent.
(e) :  none
Answer:  They have become professionally incompetent.
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