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Q: Benzene reats with Acetyl Chloride in the presence of lewis acid forming

(a) :  chlorobenzene
(b) :  Acetophenone
(c) :  Benzoic acid
(d) :  Benzophenone
(e) :  None
Answer:  Acetophenone

Q: Here are your shoes, I ______ them

(a) :  just clean
(b) :  just cleaned
(c) :  have just cleaned
(d) :  has just cleaned
(e) :  none
Answer:  have just cleaned

Q: Hunger centers are located in

(a) :  Hypothalamus
(b) :  Cerebellum
(c) :  Medulla
(d) :  Mid brain
(e) :  None
Answer:  Mid brain

Q: A teritary carbon is bonded directly to

(a) :  2 hydrogens
(b) :  2 carbons
(c) :  3 carbons
(d) :  4 carbons
(e) :  None
Answer:  3 carbons

Q: The shortest wavelength of radiation in Paschen serises is

(a) :  R/9
(b) :  9/R
(c) :  9R
(d) :  9+R
(e) :  None
Answer:  9/R

Q: Which of the following compounds does not give idoform test on reaction with I₂ and NaOH?

(a) :  Propanone
(b) :  Ethanol
(c) :  2-Butanol
(d) :  2-Propanol
(e) :  None
Answer:  Propanone

Q: A certical steel wire X of circular cross section is used to suspend a load. A second wire Y, made of the same material but having twice the lenght and twice the diameter is used to suspend an equal load? what is the value of ratio extansion of wire x/ extention of wire y?

(a) :  1/2'
(b) :  1
(c) :  2
(d) :  4
(e) :  None
Answer:  1

Q: Which of the following compounds has no double bond?

(a) :  …………..
(b) :  Cellulose
(c) :  Cholestrol
(d) :  Vitamin A
(e) :  None
Answer:  Cholestrol

Q: In compton effect, the photon scattered at an angle of 90⁰. The compton's shift o wavelegngth will be

(a) :  ∆λ= h/mC
(b) :  ∆λ=h/mC²
(c) :  ∆λ=mC//h
(d) :  ∆λ=mC²/h
(e) :  None
Answer:  ∆λ= h/mC
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